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At TCI, we offer a full range of commercial construction services
to support our clients in both the private and public sector. 
From pre-construction to project closeout, we understand that communication and reliability is key to meeting the needs of many different markets we serve.  From corporate offices to public assembly to street scape, our clients need a construction partner who understands the mission of their specific project needs and exceed the client’s expectations.

General Construction
As general contractor, it is our responsibility to organize, implement and control the project on the Owner’s behalf.

Construction Management
In a construction management relationship, TCI serves as a consultant to the Owner managing the entire construction process. As the construction manager, TCI advises the Owner on such issues as constructability, schedule and cost. TCI also advises in other areas where construction expertise is valuable, and provides supervision during the project construction.

Design / Build
Design / Build is a delivery method that uses a single contract to accomplish both the design and construction of a project. Utilizing design-build provides single-source responsibility and the potential for rapid completion. Integrated design, construction planning and an accelerated schedule are hallmarks of this approach. With contractual accountability for the project, TCI is responsible for all building elements including hiring the architect and subcontractors, controlling cost and quality, maintaining the project schedule, and completing the project from the design phase through construction and project turnover.

Program Management
Program Management encompasses all the planning, organization, budgeting, scheduling, cost control, logistics, on-site management, and administration of a program to complete a group of projects for an Owner. The program is managed by and accountable to a small staff of professionals, providing greater efficiencies, construction and design fee savings, control of quality and scheduling, and fiduciary responsibility for the Owner. As Program Manager, TCI acts as the Owner’s representative and assumes responsibility for successfully completing the entire program.

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As Ageneral contractor, it is our responsibility to orginize, implement and contrl the project on the owners behalf.


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